Monthly Webinar: Hyre Does Taxes & Asset Protection for RE & SDIRA/401k Investors with Q&A

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Monthly Webinar: Hyre Does Taxes & Asset Protection for RE & SDIRA/401k Investors with Q&A


Killer Content: For those of you who have heard me speak, you know three things are true:

  1. I provide killer content – tax savings & asset protection techniques that are cutting edge, well researched, presented with explanations of “why” and “why not”, and permeated with the blunt truth.
  2. I am not dull – I keep it moving, irreverent and fun – or at least as much fun as the topic permits!
  3. I am not politically correct and will take pleasure in offending you. If you are over 12 years old and have used the term “I am offended” with an expectation that someone cares…my presentations are not for you.

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Format: 2 hours monthly, as follows: ½ hour of my presenting on the topic of the day, ½ hour of Q&A on the topic, and 1-hour Q&A on any RE or SDIRA/40k tax/asset-protection topic.

Time: 8 pm – 10 pm EST 2nd Wednesday of each month (recorded for those who cannot make it, recordings are available for a limited time for paid subscribers)


September Opportunity Zones (September 5th): The new tax law created Opportunity Zones. Basically, it allows one to roll capital gains from anything (real estate, stocks, etc.) into an Opportunity Zone Fund (aka an LLC that meets certain requirements) and defer the gain plus get a “step up” in basis. Interestingly, only the gain needs to be rolled, not the entire sales price of the sold assets. The opportunities are twofold: Sell your own assets and defer/step-up gain or set up an Opportunity Zone Fund and attract invest for qualifying (we’ll discuss that) low income properties.

Blocker Corporations & Shared Appreciation Mortgages to Reduce UBIT aka “How to Run a Business Through a 401k, ROBS Discussion Included) (September 19): When you run a “continuous” trade/business through an IRA or 401k, you pay a high tax known as UBIT. Ditto when you borrow, with certain exceptions for 401k’s. There are ways to reduce or eliminate this tax. We’ll discuss how one client now runs half of his flips a Roth 401k-owned Blocker company. He dropped his tax rate from 37% to 21% AND is dumping six figures per year into his Roth 401k where it will not be taxed again for 2 generations. This is what Romney did with his SEP in the Caymans. We will also discuss Shared Appreciation Mortgages as an alternative to deal where your IRA partners and generates UBIT (e.g. – JV’s on flips as the money partner). We will also address ROBS: Rollover Business Start-Ups.

Important Changes to the HUGE 20% “Pass-Thru Deduction”: The Newly Issued Regulations in English (October 3rd). Section 199A aka the “Pass Thru Deduction” is probably the most small-business friendly tax code provision ever enacted. Business owners can write off up to 20% of the net income from each business. For example, if you have a “business” (definitions matter, not every for-profit activity rises to the level of a “business” – we’ll discuss) that generates $100k of net income, you’d get a $20k write-off. Recent regulations both clarified and altered this important law. We’ll discuss.

The (Rarely Heard) Truth about Series LLC’s, Upsides and Downsides (October 17th). Series LLC’s are sold as:

  • 1) Providing superior asset protection to REI
  • 2) Simpler to run than regular LLC’s
  • 3) Good for use out of state (e.g. – use DE Series in your state!)

It’s hard to get good information on these because most people who know about them from a technical standpoint are also trying to sell them to you, so they have an incentive to be rather optimistic, to put it politely. I am not trying to sell you series llc’s and will provide a far more objective overview than you’ve heard elsewhere.

More Topics TBA. Feedback on Desired Topics is Welcome.

Do We Guarantee To Answer Every Question?

  • Hell No. I will answer as many as I can in the allotted time. I will choose which ones to answer based on the following factors:
    • o If the question applies to a lot of REI/SDIRA Investors, I am more likely to answer it
    • o If the question strikes me as useful & relevant, I am more likely to answer it
    • o If the questions is quick to answer, I am more likely to answer it
    • o If the question is sent before the call, I am more likely to answer it
    • o If I can read and understand the question in 3 minutes or less, I am more likely to answer it
    • o If I have not answered your questions on the last few webinars, I am more likely to answer – subject to the reasonableness of the question.
  • Index of Questions. We will create an index of questions after each webinar. Those who listen to the recorded version later can fast forward to the answers they want to hear and skip the ones they do not care to hear.


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