“Learn How the New Tax Laws Work for You and Your Business and How to Keep the MOST CASH in Your Pocket!”

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  • 1

    Choice of Entity for Real Estate Investors - the answers might surprise you!

  • 2

    The new (and awesome) tax brackets (and how they work for YOU!)

  • 3

    Which tax breaks went away and which stayed (lots of rumors and bad info out there)

  • 4

    What happened to 1031’s and the “sell your home tax-free” rules

  • 5

    Simplified Accounting Rule for Rehabbers and Flippers (you can't miss this one!)

  • 6

    New Limitations on Deducting Interest Paid – and how to get around some of them



John M. Hyre, ESQ.

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Your Tax Attorney has been busy this December.  In addition to the usual year-end planning madness, I have been up late reading the actual text of the new tax law.  Hundreds of pages, some traps, and lots of benefits for small businesses and real estate investors in particular.

Most of the changes take effect January 1, 2018 – that leaves little time for preparation.  You will need to be nimble, fast and informed.

As such, I have presented a detailed & timely webinar on January 4th  and supplemented it with a Q+A on January 8th.   A recording of each webinar and a PowerPoint for the first one shall be sent to each participant.


  • Major gift & estate tax changes
  • Major changes to “Meals & Entertainment” deductions
  • How the new limitations on Net Operating Losses will actually help you – and how to make sure of it
  • How to maximize charitable contribution & tithing deductions
  • Some new UBIT & Roth IRA rules
  • Why paying your children to work is more important than ever
  • How the new law allows you to IMMEDIATELY WRITE-OFF TEN PERCENT OF RENTAL PROPERTIES acquired after January 1, 2018
  • New rules for car write-offs (hint: more, more, more)
  • New law that allows you to IMMEDIATELY WRITE-OFF carpet, appliances, cabinets, blinds and more – even if such acquisitions are not of brand new property.

And this is Just Scratching the Surface!

We will send you the recording of the webinar, the follow up Q+A, and the PowerPoint.

As you may have guessed, this is not a FREE webinar with a big sales pitch at the end.  It is packed with REAL, PRACTICAL, and MONEY-SAVING TIPS.

ALL of this cutting edge information shall be provided for what John normally bills for 15 minutes of his time:  $98.93.  Yes, John bills $400/hour – and deservedly so.  And yes, this 2 hour webinar + two hours of follow-on questions cost you only $98.93.

About Your Tax Advisor and Host Attorney & CPA John M. Hyre, III.

John Hyre is a tax attorney with 22 years of experience.  His virtual practice caters to real estate investors, small businesses, and self-directed IRA/401k investors all over the US.  John provides extensive planning, structuring, tax-reduction and asset protection services.  He also represents taxpayers in audits & Tax Court, and assists taxpayers who owe the IRS money.  John also speaks nationwide on the taxation of real estate and SDIRA’s/401k’s.

William Bronchick, ESQ.

"John Hyre is my personal 'go-to' expert on real estate tax law. His presentations are always top-notch, professional, and filled with amazingly practical tips for legally slashing your taxes!"

William Bronchick, ESQ.
Brian from New England

"I thought I’d take a minute to thank you for the information I learned at your seminar.  There’s a wealth of knowledge of course, and I learned one piece of information that alone saved me more than 10 times the cost of the seminar.  It’s nice to learn about mistakes before I make them!"

Brian from New England

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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Legal Disclaimer
By attending this event you acknowledge that John M. Hyre is not your personal lawyer and purchasing a ticket to this event does not establish any attorney-client or CPA-client relationship. The information on this webinar is intended as educational in nature and not to be construed as specific legal or tax advise to any attendee.  It is recommended that you consult with a qualified attorney and/or tax advisor about your particular situation before implementing any of the strategies discussed in this webinar.  You also acknowledge that the opinions of John M. Hyre about the new tax law are based on his interpretation as it currently stands as of the date of the webinar and that further changes, regulations, and/or court rulings may change the applicability of the strategies suggested in the webinar.