Final Reminder: Entities & Taxes workshop this Saturday & Sunday, May 13 & 14 in Columbus, OH

Learn about entities & taxes this weekend for $597 – less than the cost of two hours of John’s time (he charges $350/hour).


Tax & Entities Workshop

Columbus, Ohio

Saturday May 13 & Sunday May 14


Sarasota, Florida

Saturday July 15 & Sunday July 16

John Hyre is a tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor with over 20 years of experience. His nation-wide law practice caters primarily to real estate investors, self-directed IRA & 401k owners, and small businesses. John provides a broad range of planning & tax-reduction services, asset protection & entity advice. John also handles IRS audits nationwide and has successfully sued the IRS in Tax Court. John has extensive hands-on experience at dramatically reducing tax liability, including going through client structures, tax-returns, books and practices from “top to bottom”. John’s expertise includes law that is “on the books” as well “how things are really done” at the IRS. John shall be the sole presenter at the workshop. This is a chance to ask questions at less than the usual $350 per hour.


Topics to be covered:

• Best Way to write off vehicles, vacations, meals, golf, shooting and other entertainment

• Which meals can be written off 100% instead of the usual 50%

• How to meet five hours in Mexico and write off the plane ticket for the entire week-long trip

• How to get the special “manufacturers tax deduction” for builders and rehabbers

• What is a “real estate professional”, should you be one, how to qualify

• “Dealer” Status – how it is different from being a “real estate professional”, what it means and what to do about it

• How to maximize depreciation deductions on your rentals – are you depreciating the driveway, shrubbery, and patio?

• How to get nice furniture in your personal home – tax-free

• Which entity is best for flipping/rehabbing/renting/lending/lease options

• Will a “satellite C-Corporation” allow you to engage in tax bracket arbitrage?

• Entity structuring for asset protection

• Should entities be set up in Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware?

• How many entities should we have?

• What role should land trusts play?

• What causes liability? How do you avoid it?

• Using a vacation house for tax reduction

• Taxation of Airbnb rentals.

• Writing off things you love to do/How the IRS treats hobbies

• Trump tax changes and what to do about them (we should know more by May)

• 1031 Like-Kind/Tax-Deferred Exchanges, some creative twists

• Installment Sales of real property

• And lots of Q&A on all non-retirement tax topics

o We cover Self-Directed IRA’s and similar accounts in a separate workshop



$597 per person.

Note: I charge $350 per hour. $597 would normally equal less than 1 & ½ hours of my time. The seminar should involve about 14 hours of speaking time, with lots of opportunity for Q&A. It is an excellent value.


Ohio Location 

Quest Center

8405 Pulsar Place Columbus,

OH 43240


Florida Location

Holiday Inn Express
5730 Gantt Rd
Sarasota, FL 34233
(The class size will be limited to 55 people)


To Order: Email or fax (614) 750-3001. Information I will need:

– Name of attendees

– Email, address & phone number of attendees

– I will then bill you via Pay Pal so you can pay via credit card

– You can also mail a check to Real Estate Tax Law, LLC, 666 High Street, Suite 200A, Worthington, OH 43085

– Refundable through day before the event, with a $50 processing fee kept by us, no refunds during or after the event.


Last Minute Notes for Columbus Event

Registration is at 830 am on Saturday. Class will go from 9 – 5 each day. The first day will focus on the entity topics. The second day will cover the non-entity tax issues, roughly in the order presented above. We will cover all of the topics. I may add a few more depending on the nature of the Q&A and once I have a general sense of “where the audience is at”. Bring questions, my workshops usually devote about ½ of the time to Q&A – this is way cheaper than “on the clock”. I do not schedule specific times for each sub-topic because of the ebb & flow of the Q&A.

There is no room block – stay where you wish. I have learned that with real estate investors room blocks are rather pointless. Most of them will stay at the cheapest nearby hotel and I will get stuck with the bill for unfilled rooms in the block!

Note that I had originally planned on holding the event at the Double Tree hotel about 2 miles away. We decided on the Quest Conference Center above due to greater flexibility on their part. There are lots of restaurants nearby and hotels within a 5 minute drive, especially in Worthington.

See you there – bring questions!

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