The New Tax Law, C-Corporations, 401k’s, and Your Business

Been busy.


Got a headhunter out looking for staff.  I desperately need to hire & train people.  Too few hours in the day for me to do it all.  Those of you who have built an… Continue reading

New York Times Article on LLC’s & Landlords and John’s Not-Really-Very-Brief Comments on the Same

The NYT article was amusing.  And, as one would expect, largely wrong. 

The article can be found by clicking here

Synopsis The NYT is very much in favor of government control & massive over-regulation of all… Continue reading

Year End Things To Do

John Hyre here.  Sorry I have “gone dark” for the last 45 or so days.  The usual pile up of year-end work (i.e. – procrastinating entrepreneurs planning at the last minute kills my schedule every November & December)… Continue reading

My Roth 401k Bought A Land Contract

Your Tax Attorney’s Most Recent Deal in His 401k:  Bought a Land Contract


My Roth 401k bought a land contract in late August of 2017.  I found the deal because I speak nationwide on taxation of real… Continue reading

Recent Interview with Vena Jones-Cox’s Office

In this clip, We went through some recent deals trends in SDIRA’s as well as an hour of Q&A from the audience.

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Self-Directed IRA Workshop

Self-Directed IRA Workshop

Tampa, Florida (February 3rd & 4th)

Click here to purchase your ticket.


Mitt Romney ballooned his IRA to $100 million.  We’ll Show You How He Did It.



“In the wake of… Continue reading

Contempt and Foreign Asset Protection


So you read it on the internet. If you set up a foreign trust (or LLC, or corporation, or whatever) and move some liquid assets into it (which precludes protecting US real estate with a foreign entity – you… Continue reading

Health Reimbursement Accounts – When a Health Savings Account Is Not an Option

Some of you do not qualify for Health Saving Accounts (e.g. – on Medicare or have the “wrong” type of insurance). And even some of you who do qualify would be better off with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

  Health… Continue reading

Hyre Article in re Nevada & Utah Asset Protection Issues


I am on vacation, so I will be brief.  During one of my workshops last month an attendee diagrammed the asset protection structure sold to him by a well-known promoter.  The structure had some issues that I… Continue reading

Puerto Rico in Two Weeks for Two Weeks…or for Twenty Years


Sorry I have been so quiet these last few weeks.  I am catching up on a ton of work (which is blessing, I am not complaining).  Unless it is absolutely necessary, we are not setting appointments earlier… Continue reading

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  •  “Checkbook” LLC (IRA-Owned LLC) (we help you decide whether you really need one and review why they should NOT be self-managed)
  • Screening deals for fatal prohibited transactions
  • Discussing UBIT (IRA Tax)

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