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  • Tommy j scanlon says:

    thanks vena and John. John i also had the privelege recently to hear you talk at preston james workshop in dallas october 5th. As I am out of the country until early 2018, I hope to be able to attend one of your workshops in 2018. ery interested in managing my roth llc properly. i will watch your website for scheduling.

  • John Hyre says:

    Sounds good, I am glad that the presentations were useful to you.

    John Hyre

  • James Mason says:

    Thank you for the Webinar on the new tax law . Good job!

  • Jerome Sallis says:

    Contempt and foreign asset protection published with ASSET protection, is their a book on this subject with new 2018 tax laws for real estate?

  • Ken says:

    Great Information and “TRUTH”……Thanks for airing the dirty laundry of the NYT

  • Tim McRae says:

    Thanks John! In the city of Detroit right now the city is sueing landlords for all there tenant records in oder to go after tenants not paying city residency taxes. What a fishing trip!! Unfair to landlords and tenants alike. If you live in a fancy apartment in the city you probably work in the city and your employer already withholds the puny tax. This so uncalled for and more lazy bueauracy. Ps, whats with this crazy font??

  • Grant Davis says:

    If an attorney or other person does a name search on me, for property ownership, will I show up after transferring a property from my name to a land trust?

  • Lyle Wall says:

    Do not allow the NYT to read your comment about tax write off. If you do that will be their next column

  • Curt Arnspiger says:

    Good analysis

  • Lynwood says:

    Brilliant 5 page response John!!!

  • adele says:

    Way to go john

  • Mike Cristina, Trustee says:

    If LLC’s are that powerful, I gotta get me some!

  • Philip D. LeDoux says:

    although i don’t agree with everything, i think you’re analysis of the article is good. i am a moderate who believes that some government regulation is necessary.

  • James Berry says:

    Thanks John, as always, some very insightful and interesting information. That said, it’s hard to get past the finger pointing at “liberals” and “their agenda”. I appreciate the time and effort you take to keep us all informed, I just wanted to point our the “struggle” I sometime have with your writings, and the hypocrisy of this specific one: an unbalanced article about an unbalanced NYT article. Keep up the good work!

  • Ray Koch says:

    Shame on you for expecting logic and common sence to be attributes of the slugs in government or the new your slimes, as Mark Levin woulkd say. Howw could you be so thoughtless and cruel? Bad!!

  • TIM MALONEY says:


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