Contempt and Foreign Asset Protection


So you read it on the internet. If you set up a foreign trust (or LLC, or corporation, or whatever) and move some liquid assets into it (which precludes protecting US real estate with a foreign entity – you… Continue reading

Health Reimbursement Accounts – When a Health Savings Account Is Not an Option

Some of you do not qualify for Health Saving Accounts (e.g. – on Medicare or have the “wrong” type of insurance). And even some of you who do qualify would be better off with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

  Health… Continue reading

Hyre Article in re Nevada & Utah Asset Protection Issues


I am on vacation, so I will be brief.  During one of my workshops last month an attendee diagrammed the asset protection structure sold to him by a well-known promoter.  The structure had some issues that I… Continue reading

Puerto Rico in Two Weeks for Two Weeks…or for Twenty Years


Sorry I have been so quiet these last few weeks.  I am catching up on a ton of work (which is blessing, I am not complaining).  Unless it is absolutely necessary, we are not setting appointments earlier… Continue reading

Final Reminder: Entities & Taxes workshop this Saturday & Sunday, May 13 & 14 in Columbus, OH

Learn about entities & taxes this weekend for $597 – less than the cost of two hours of John’s time (he charges $350/hour).


Tax & Entities Workshop

Columbus, Ohio

Saturday May 13 & Sunday May 14


Sarasota, Florida… Continue reading

We have a special surprise for the Dallas SDIRA Workshop Attendees this weekend May 6 & 7: Quest IRA Founder and Uber-SDIRA-Geek Quincy Long will be joining us for at least part of the event. Get two SDIRA brains for the price of one – and as a bonus, watch Quincy & John do Geek Battle on SDIRA’s.

For those of you who have listened to Quincy aka “Dr kNOw”, you understand that he really knows his stuff and revels in SDIRA edumakashun.  Between John & Quincy, you should be in for quite a treat and… Continue reading

$513,801 vs $51,215 per year in retirement income – Tax Free vs. Taxable Alone Accounts for that Difference – See the Simple Math

Everyone knows that “tax-free investing” is much better than “taxable investing”. But most people do not really understand just how vast the difference is. And because they do not grasp the sheer magnitude in play, they… Continue reading

IRS Gets Its Wings Clipped on Roth IRA’s and “Substance Over Form” Doctrine

The 6th Circuit recently released a case that is good news for taxpayers on several levels. In Summa Holdings, the Court ruled that a Roth-IRA-owned Corporation to which the Roth owner fed business and used to stuff his Roth IRA… Continue reading

Real estate entrepreneur pays obscene taxes after typical “Checkbook LLC” arrangement blows up; some notes on “dealer” status & other flipper tax issues

Quick Synopsis

An engineer from Phoenix made a living doing “Phase I” and similar types of environmental impact reports for purchasers of commercial properties. When the 2008 crash came, his business declined. He started flipping properties and did quite well… Continue reading

Service Providers Can & Will Destroy Your IRA

I have started to notice a disturbing pattern: Service providers destroying their clients’ IRA’s. Nothing speaks like examples, I shall provide two that I have seen in the last year. I have edited the facts for the sake of privacy.… Continue reading

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