Services We Offer

IRA & Tax Planning
  • Self-Directed: IRAs, HSAs (powerful Health Savings Accounts), CESAs (Education IRAs), and 401(k)s
  •  “Checkbook” LLC (IRA-Owned LLC) (we help you decide whether you really need one and review why they should NOT be self-managed)
  • Screening deals for fatal prohibited transactions
  • Discussing UBIT (IRA Tax)

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Upcoming Events

Tax & Entities Workshop Sarasota, Florida Saturday July 15 & Sunday July 16

Topics to be covered (Boiled-Down & Distilled):

• Best Way to write off vehicles, vacations, meals, golf, shooting and other entertainment

• Health Reimbursement Arrangement – What they are, when they beat Health Savings Accounts, how to create & run one, and a free sample plan

• Which meals can be written off 100% instead of the usual 50%

• How to meet five hours in Mexico and write off the plane ticket for the entire week-long trip

• How to get the special “manufacturers tax deduction” for builders and rehabbers • What is a “real estate professional”, should you be one, how to qualify

• “Dealer” Status – how it is different from being a “real estate professional”, what it means and what to do about it

• How to maximize depreciation deductions on your rentals – are you depreciating the driveway, shrubbery, and patio?

• How to get nice furniture in your personal home – tax-free

• Which entity is best for flipping/rehabbing/renting/lending/lease options

• Will a “satellite C-Corporation” allow you to engage in tax bracket arbitrage?

• When do S-Corporations make sense – and how to use them

• Entity structuring for asset protection

• Overseas entities – when they make sense and what are their limits

• Should entities be set up in Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware?

• How many entities should we have?

• What role should land trusts play?

• What causes liability? How do you avoid it?

• Using a vacation house for tax reduction

• Taxation of Airbnb rentals.

• Writing off things you love to do/How the IRS treats hobbies

• 1031 Like-Kind/Tax-Deferred Exchanges, some creative twists

• Installment Sales of real property

• And lots of Q&A on all non-retirement tax topics

o We cover Self-Directed IRA’s and similar accounts in a separate workshop