Services We Offer

IRA & Tax Planning
  • Self-Directed: IRAs, HSAs (powerful Health Savings Accounts), CESAs (Education IRAs), and 401(k)s
  •  “Checkbook” LLC (IRA-Owned LLC) (we help you decide whether you really need one and review why they should NOT be self-managed)
  • Screening deals for fatal prohibited transactions
  • Discussing UBIT (IRA Tax)

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Upcoming Events

Self-Directed IRA Workshop

Tampa, Florida: February 3rd and 4th

Topics to be covered (Boiled-Down & Distilled):

  • Choice of Account
  • Roth vs. Traditional
  • Self-Directed Health Savings Accounts
  • Prohibited Transactions
  • Leveraging
  • Options
  • SDIRA Audit & Tax Court
  • Utilization of accounts in rental properties, high-rate loans, crypto currency, etc.
  • Phenomenal Networking & Brainstorming
  • And more!